Hot & Fast Briskett

If you have cooked a brisket, you know that it is a looonnnggg process! Depending on it’s weight after you clean it, a brisket can take you between 12 and 14 hours to reach the desired internal temperature (200 F).  I’m always looking for a way to speed up the process and be able to enjoy my brisket sooner.  So, this time I tried the “hot & fast” technique.  That means cooking your brisket at 350F for about 6 hours.


  1. US Prime Brisket (16 lbs)
  2. Lane’s BBQ Brisket + Ancho Combo Seasoning
  3. Apple Juice
  4. Beef Stock

Another variation I tried was the injection.  My go to Brisket and Primer Rib injection is made with Sweet Smoke Q Juice (Beef), apple juice, and apricot nectar.  But this time I grounded the seasoning (to a dust) and mixed it with apple juice and beef stock.  Even though this seasoning includes a little bit of coffee, the taste was fantastic!


  1. Clean the brisket.  I also modified the way I clean the brisket to remove most of the deckle fat.  This exposed a larger portion of the point.  As a result, there was a lot more seasoned and smoked point to produce burnt ends.
  2. Ground seasoning (specially if you don’t have an industrial injection), mix with apple and apricot juice, and inject brisket.
  3. Season on all sides (including the fat cap).  I left the injected and seasoned brisket in the fridge overnight.


  1. Pull brisket out of the fridge at least an hour before placing it in the smoker.
  2. Preheat smoker to 350F.
  3. Place brisket fat down in the smoker (you should know the best area to place it in your smoker).  Make sure you prop the brisket in such a way that does not allow for liquid to accumulate on top of it, thus preventing it from developing good bark.  If using a baking pan, you could use some of the trimmed hard fat and some hard vegetables (such as carrots) as props to raise the center of the brisket (like a tent).
  4. Insert a temp probe in the center of the flat.  Set your target temp for 160F.
  5. Once the brisket reaches 160F internal temp, rap in a double foil paper and place it back in the smoker until it reaches 200 – 210F internal temp.
  6. Once the internal temp has reached 200 – 210F, pull the brisket out of the smoker and open the foil rap to let out the steam.  Re-rap and place in a cooler (cover it with towels or an old blanket) to rest.
  7. Rest the brisket for a least an hour before slicing.







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